Snow, Virus, and all that….

What about all this weather though, eh?


Damn the snow, and damn this virus.

It all went wrong last Sunday. Mckenzie had been a bit moochy all day, but we’re trying to fix the old potty training issue and he was a bit worked up. Or so we thought. Around midnight on Sunday he had what I now know was a Febrile Convulsion– it was a bit alarming, but apparently quite common. The best way I’ve heard it described is like “ a complete re-boot, the body shuts down then re-starts”, I mean I didn’t see it- but the wife was pretty shaken up. Before I knew what was going on there were two paramedics in the house and an ambulance outside. They had a wee check on Mckenzie and carted him off to A&E.

For a while we were thinking he’d had some kind of epileptic fit or something so when it turned out to be a reaction to a virus it was something of a relief.

Then everybody in the house ended up with this mystery flu/cold cocktail. I was last to collapse. I had to take Monday off work because Mckenzie and the wife were still at the Hospital- they didn’t make a return till around 2pm, so it wasnae worth it trudging into work for a couple of hours of grind. Mckenzie was chirpy on his return, covered in stickers from the nurses and very proud of his little plastic leg bracelet, and very chuffed to have been in a taxi- or so he said.

I was at work on the Wednesday when I started to feel really shitty, I can tell when the lurgy is hitting me- I was getting all hot and cold skulls and just felt like I was constantly running out of steam, plus my bones were aching, I managed to survive the day and bailed from work on Thursday and Friday.

I really try to avoid taking days off work, just because I find staying at home really boring- about a weekend is the most I can take, it’s all the sitting around I can’t handle. Being at home sick is even worse, I just get fuck all rest. So it’s a real tough decision, but the way I’m feeling staying home was the best option.

The cunt of this virus is that we were going to head out to the country this weekend, but a combination of virus and Snow killed off that option. I’m definitely needing a bit of a band practice just to let off a wee bit of steam. There’s nothing like a good thrash to clear the head. I want to try out a new singing technique- I’m going to stuff pillows down my t-shirt so it looks like I’ve put on two stone and will get my self worked up*- so I can shriek like an angry teenager raised on SCUZZ TV. It’s all about taking the music to the next level, and keeping things PUNKY min.

I’ve been doing a bit of research into screen printing recently, initially spurred on by the madcap notion of getting some SIDCA t-shirts made- since we seem to be doing okay for gigs it would be real neat to have some merch to flog to beery SIDCA enthusiasts. I started by checking through a couple of all in t-shirt printing places that do short runs of tee’s. The quotes I got back were all much of a muchness, but although we’d eventually shift 50 or so t-shirts it’s the initial outlay that puts me off.

Here are some of the rough ideas I knocked up over at the bespoke and dedicated SIDCA BLOG.

After I had a think about the whole thing I decided to investigate a bit more into doing the whole process myself- I remember doing various screen printing projects at College, and it was cool- I did a few t-shirt designs but also really like the idea of making art prints and posters.

I’m getting there- for some reason I thought you needed some expensive and deeply complex light to make the screens- but I’ve discovered it’s just normal light and the stencil paint/stuff is light sensitive. I’ll keep researching, but I really think this could be great fun. It’s another revenue stream for me anyway, which will really come in handy since I’ve really failed to go full time professional on the old racialist front.

I’d also like to mention that in the past few months I’ve made some considerable headway in one of my projects- my investigations into the secret lower levels of Aberdeen’s Union Square Shopping Mall. I’ve gathered a fair bit of evidence on this, and with any luck some of the alternative media outlets will carry the story. I’m hoping that Alex Jones will at least pass comment on what I have so far. Like I say I’ve made some headway- in no small respect this is due to a re-shuffle of bin-technician staff. I have now made firm deals and reached a solid understanding with key players within this group. Not only do I now have covert access to the lower levels I also can rely on any nuggets of information coming directly to me. I’m really getting a solid joined up theory together on this, and who would have thought the NWO would have such a large base in Aberdeen. If you have any info don’t hesitate to contact me.


*Deftones style!


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