This was pretty beastin’ stuff.

Met up w. Craig in Archies, politics, general gibbering. The state of the Nation, Threads and Boys from the Blackstuff. ETC. ETC.

“I can never to decide what to drink! THAT’S MY THING!”

Then Mark fae work turned up. We fired round past the new Jamie Oliver restaurant- which was hoaching with total bell-ends by the way. Then doon tae the Tunnels. Aberdeen, if you are not aware is absolutely infested with dopey cunts with ideas above their station- that’s Oil money for you though.

I can’t remember the last time I went to see a band at the Tunnels- I was planning on going to see Mudhoney there a while back, but couldnae get that done. As we headed down I could hear a band playing, It was WALL. Really distinctive sound. Just bass and drums- but they make a racket that’s really wide- and really guid fun. Obvious comparison would be Lightning Bolt- who coincidentally I saw at the Tunnels years ago- they were okay, played right down on the floor, but man- I cannae cope with pocky pock drums- That’s why I never got into Therapy?. That’s me though. I like what I like. Wall were good though, think we caught the last few songs. Fair enjoyed them. Here’s a couple of bandcamp links.


Next up, as we all glugged tins of red stripe- bumped into Scorge by the way, was Carson Wells. I have nae idea about them- It just wouldnae compute in my head- I liked the drums bass and guitar and shouting but it jist didnae make sense to me, possibly because I’m old! They are quite well respected locally, just nae my thing I suppose. They scan well influence wise- but I like TUNES, and they were tight and shit but I can’t really remember anything about them. Occasionally they would hit a break, let notes hang- I liked that, I have no idea about screamo/emo anyhow. Like I say, I wouldnae avoid them- I’d sit through it again, possibly in a smaller venue, but I certainly didnae find them offensive as Craig did!

“Magnolia Pish”


The main event- FAT GOTH. I really like the bands recordings, since a long night shift a few years ago. They were on my IPOD and just turned up on shuffle mode. They are melodic but brutal, a metal band in disguise- they can sound like shellac, the Beatles and Megadeth in the stretch of one song. I was maybe over hyped about this, but they were good- but the sound was a bit off, didnae really pick up the detail of the guitar. But, it was good, I would double deffo see them again. Kinda kicking myself I missed them at Cellar 35. Oh well.




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