Gig: Liaka Come Home 003. 13-04-13

Cracking gig this. I was well buzzing, but it was a long day- we were playing last so it was tricky, we went on about eleven and I was a bit sleepy by then. Me and Darren managed a practice at Captain Toms- we couldn’t get it together to practice out in the loft, what with cold/flu/general lurgy kicking about. Anyhow, that was just plain strange- practising at 12 o’clock in the morning was just fucking all shades of wrong.

Bollocking hell, it just wasnae panning out right. Oh well.

The actual night was good though, first on were this band called


Insanely poppy, catchy- I had that song you’ll be fine you’ll be fine absolutely jammed in my head, bass player like macca, singer nice shirt fearsome jangle and loafers with no socks, grand drummer- dancey beats!

next up were


who’s download has been on my phone for yonks- more catchy pop, some wizard Dinosaur Jr guitar lines- really tight band, plus they have a bass player and everything. They played a Weezer cover, I knew it was a cover but I thought it was nickleback or something, I know nothing of Weezer really apart from that happy days song. Was right good, the drummer was grinning like a nutter and singing along. swell times.


Fae Dundee, so ken, they were characters. Good set, bluesy filth rock. Noisy and full of attitude. Solid hilarious chat, double deffo militant dress code. Wouldnae surprise me if they carried paratrooper style boot knives. made me grin like a git. Dundee Gladioli. A band like a gang! fuckin’ great.


We were okay. fucked a lot of songs up, even easy ones like I break rocks, it’s two chords! That was my bad. we sold a few t-shirts and it was good fun. Fair loved playing my new ibanez coffee table finish destroyer. Must remember to fix the plug on Laney Combo No 2. It’s just not safe jamming a match stick into the socket cause the third prong on the plug is broken off. I’m always surprised that folk seem to like this incarnation of sidca, given the street cred of the 2004 version, but oh well.



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