Sebadoh. It’s kinda good to have them back….


It’s good to have Sebadoh back. I’m a long term fan- Sebadoh- or as I like to shout -SEBAAADDOOOHHH YRRRR FOLK CORE SAVIOURS- are a really important band to me, and that ain’t nostalgia flapping it’s retreating diseased gums. I mean, they were good even when they were bad. The Sebadoh was better than Semisonic or the Foo Fighters any day. I digress. Sebadoh have been away for 14 years, and now praise the god’s of whatever- they are back. I kept up with the lads- buying Jason’s really good solo record, and I even bought Lou’s EMOH. By christ though I missed the lads, and I missed the choppy change of songwriters. I’m going against the grain of received wisdom here, but I was never a fan of that guy Eric and his mad shit songs- he always spoiled the show. Given a CD I’d skip his gear. But that’s just me. A picky fickle cunt.

this is great. love the way they fuck up stuff, like a real band. My DRUUUGGGS!

Anyhow, the new CD by Sebadoh “defend yourself” sits just fine. I’m getting old, I like new bands but I like my 90’s rock. I even got the 20th anniversary re-issue of In utero. I say got. I downloaded it. Good job too- cause it’s nothing better than the original version- the Albini 2013 mixes are okay- I guess that record is just set in stone for me, nae tweaking needed. Yeah.

But, I’ll probably get it on CD all in. just to have it there on the shelf.

I’m also digging the new Mark Lanegan CD. Imitations, or a CD full of cover versions. It’s real sweet. I’m listening to it now. I’ve also had some red, so I’m in a state. Nae a bad state like, just in another zone.


Last month I punted 50 quid ish for a NINE OF SWORDS fuzz/dirt/bonkers FX box. It’s right good. I’ve been fucked on night shift for the guts of a month so nae chance of getting out to the country for a SIDCA jam- but that will happen soon., looking forward to that- I also have me new Thin Lizzy harmonist pedal as well. Right guid.

But that’s the by and by. I’ve been, for the last month talking myself out of getting some sort of 8-16 track audio interface. To the non muso-ish among you, and audio interface is a box that connects to a computer and you can plug a bunch of mic’s into it. Say if you have a band- it would be dead handy. I have an old skool 4-track made by tascam- it’s great stuff- it records onto little cassettes- so you can keep it safe. But lately I been looking at something else. The key thing is a fourtrack tape machine is stand alone. Audio interface’s connect to computers. Computers are great for videos, e-mail, facebook and specialist rape-porn.

I’m gonna stick with me old skool.



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