Scotland: Failed State

Not really. I’m quite looking forward to the forthcoming independence vote clusterfuck. I’m a cunning operator though, I plan to keep my mind open- take little or no interest in any websites, literature or shit like that in the media. I intend to wait until the last Question Time show on BBC one and then agree with Will Self. I’m a towering intellect don’t you know. I will probably type up my thoughts for this blog and probably ENTRENCHED DESPOTISM if they ask me again…

HASHTAG nae really caring.

1. Scotland is quite a cool place and there’s loads of money from oil extraction and fishing etc. Problem is we have the great unwashed belt. A stone age stab culture that sucks up money like a thing that fucking sucks up money. Glasgae. ETC.

2. It’s boring.

3. Alex Salmond looks creepy. I think his plans are obvious. He want’s to be God Emperor of Scotchland. Kinda like that giant creepy twat from 300.

4. Scottish Politicians are cunts.

5. Politicians are cunts.

6. Stupid people are allowed to vote.

7. I’m not interested.


I’ve been typing away like a maniac on some of my stupid fiction, and the end aim is to make a kindle book and make millions of pounds, this will allow me to go on question time and call people cunts. The main problem I have been vexed by in creating a Kindle book thing is the formatting, and putting in a table of contents. I cracked it though.

All I did was put chapter headings under the generic heading field. Then inserted a table of contents on a fresh page before the typing of the main story started. Bingo.

That seemed to work in the Kindle book preview utility on Amazon.

I’m fucking well chuffed.

I mentioned 300, possibly the greatest film ever made- along with DUNE, GET CARTER and Beavis and Butthead the MOVIE. Look at this shit-



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