Iphone unlock

This will be a saga.

I got an Iphone fae Esther at work. It’s nae bad- much better than that Cubot phone I bought off e-bay. Anyway my plan was just to see if it was locked to Vodaphone first. I started reading about it on the internet- because everybody told me that you could get an iphone unlocked at various dodgy shops in the market and on George street. The more I read though the more it became clear that there were to types of phone unlocking- a quick fix- a software unlock which was quick but not that good or a hardware unlock which takes a wee whiler- sometimes days but it’s allegedly permanent and can handle phone software updates.

I was also going to try getting hold of one of those Vodaphone pay as you go free sims and see if I could unlock the phone using Itunes, but I might give that a bash if this hardware unlock fails.

Screenshot from 2013-10-26 12:47:51

UPDATE: Sunday 27th October.

Clocks go back/ railway track. I ordered a free sim card fae Vodaphone. It can’t hurt.

UPDATE: Wednesday 30th October,

My Vodaphone freebie pay as you go sim cards arrived today circa noon, but by then I didn’t need them. I was looking at a few posts on the Chronic Unlock Facebook page and it seems because things go through Apple and then through chronic Unlocks sometimes your phone can be ready to go with a new sim card long before you get an alert e-mail with the happy news. So this morning on a whim I just tried it, good job it worked as my standard sized sim that surrounded my micro sim from O2 was fucking jammed inside my cheapo CUBOT phone. It worked though. O2 registered the phone, and it survived an upgrade, and me dicking about with itunes etc.

Well done chronic unlock.

Happy ending for me, 40 quid well spent- and much better I think than battling the ethnics and dodgers on George street’s bustling rip off 2nd hand phone shops.

So nae that much of a saga really.

£140 quids nae bad all in for an Iphone 4 is it?





Another update: It’s Saturday 2nd November.

The phone is working fine. Still no e-mail from Chronic Unlock and-

It’s still in progress! HAHA!

Screenshot from 2013-11-02 16:46:43



I’m happy enough.



Update: 16th November ;



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