Bleezin’ Throne. Trip to Iceland TWICE. Etc.

IMG_4253I did another little sketch of this, changed the bottle so it was up the right way. Much better.

Here’s the first version:


Nae much of interest happened this weekend. As always we went shopping. Isla hates shopping as much as I do.

Isla: Loves a trip round Tesco. See the joy in her face. Incredible.

She cheered up seconds later:


Friday night went a bit wrong. We picked the kids up from nursery and for some reason I decided we needed highest quality sausages for tea, and highest quality beans, and highest quality chips. So a trip to Iceland was called for. Me and Mckenzie tottered up the road, went round the shop selecting stuff. Then when we got to the till I realised I had the wrong card.

Two trips to ICELAND. Living the fucking dream.

I blame the fact I don’t have a currently functioning wallet. It’s got a great big fucking hole in it. Big enough for moths to escape from.

Look at my new purse:



It’s gonna make me organised. No more taking the wrong card to the shops. I can take ALL my cards. Isn’t it shiny and blingy. OH YEAH.


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