Mark Lanegan, E-burgh Queens Hall.


We got the mega bus down for this. It took an eternity, and although it was okay my arse was in serious pain. I wish now I’d had the gumtion to upgrade from shitty mega bus to the GOLD bus. That, looks like the first class way to do bus travel.

This isnae a review. I’m shit at writing reviews. I really dug this gig, it wasnae what I was expecting- I was expecting, since it was seated some sort of exact replication of Mr Lanegan’s latest CD/Download/LP- Imitations- which is a collections of other peoples songs ran through the Lanegan filter. Anyhow, I quite like the new one- the Carpenters cover is fucking great.

This was a really good gig. This guy was on second, he looked like a fucking cowboy….and nae a poofy cowboy- A proper cowboy like the guys from Proposition or the western with Bob Dylan in it. Och. I was really enjoying his guitar playing, really cool atmospheric tunings, and for a while I thought he was playing slide guitar but I’m nae sure. It could have been some sort of illusion or wizardish spell. I dug the effect he got pinching the strings behind the bridge of the guitar. Ghost trem-e-low. He was like Lanegans cousin or brother or something, he’s not really- but they look a wee bit similar and have the same less is more approach to on stage banter. I like that though, why prattle on about shit. Monosyllabic.


The more I listen to this guy’s stuff the more I like it, he’s done a record with Lanegan- called BLACK PUDDING. I like black pudding, it’s just blood- it should taste disgusting but it’s fine stuff. Black Pudding supper pleases min, and a Macaroni pie as well gadge.


Here’s Lanegan in action. I was sold from the first song, jist cause they played when your number isn’t up first, pretty much my fave of all his stuff. It still sends goosebumps up me every time I play it.

…………..diidd ye caaaaaaaaaaaaalll for the night porter…………

I wasnae expecting any of those type of songs, like the grave diggers song, bubblegum etc. IMG_0071 IMG_0063 IMG_0065 IMG_0067 IMG_0069 IMG_0072 IMG_0070 IMG_0068 IMG_0066 IMG_0064


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