Beat route. Entrenched despotism.

Hey fuckface.

It’s like Mark E. Smith once might have nearly said-

“I had to wank the Cat to feed the Dog”

I know what he’s talking about there. The things you do to get by.

I replied to this message, which was probably the wrong thing to do- it’s know doubt cost me five quid or something. I used to like replying to junk/scam e-mails as well, mainly sarcastic racist nonsense. Idle hands etc.

I don’t have much inclination to do that anymore, it never went anywhere really. I never managed to scam people in the third world out of goods and services like that guy from Dundee. It was on radio 4 ages ago- the something letters or e-mails- it starred famous Dundonian Brain Cox. He’s a great actor in my book, mainly for playing Hanibal Lektor in that utterly brilliant film Manhunter.

But, Entrenched Despotism. I started a new Project, loosely related to the Project for the new Scottish century. It’s gonna be a ballbuster.


20131119-032006.jpgI’m enjoying this, he’s almost as much fun as least years guy Niall Ferguson. I like the way he talks about art, and he’s been pondering along the same lines as me. I see the problem as a lack of GATEKEEPERS. They are incredibly important in the moulding and selection of worthy art. I’m coming from a more musical angle though, but the same truth holds- Democracy is a very bad thing in selecting things that could be possibly culturally important…simply because most of the great unwashed are stupid. That’s life though. Onwards and downwards in a spiralling loopy death dive.

Witness the carnage of reality TV, Kickstarter projects and awful kindle books written by people with nothing to say. Coming soon to the paperback section of your nearest ASDA, where it’s almost impossible to find a book that’s actually worth reading. 20131119-032022.jpg

Well well, This is about continuing good work, establishing best practice and refining it. Perfecting perfection. I always give 110 presets. 20131119-032038.jpg


I never got to this gig, it just all went tits up. I mainly blame Ticketmaster for delivering the fucking tickets less than a week before the gig, I think that’s taking the piss. I’m nae going to use them again, I think in future I’ll try and get gig tickets directly through the venue. It makes more sense. It was mainly events outside my control- I was mad keen for going, slightly more keen than I was for Megadeth, and almost on an equal par of excitement for Mark Lanegan. But fuck it, them kids don’t like staying home alone, it’s not like they are like dogs or cats.

Here’s a poem and or set of lyrics that I’m working on to cheer you up…my spelling is really bad.



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