Saturday. Yeah.



Let’s for a wee minute listen to me vent about this- Power rangers are fucking AWFUL. I really have tried to wean my kid off these idiotic lycra clad beasts. I even tried to get him hooked on Batman: The Brave and the BOLD- it’s quite noir, and a bit edgy, also I downloaded classic ULYSSEEES from you tube, simply with a flash grabber. To no avail. PR destroys the competition. I don’t approve. I despise Japanese culture, because they are a nation of perverts…..Vending machine’s with schoolgirls pants in them anyone. A strange place.

I grabbed a wee bit of time today to play guitar, I was at it an hour or so- ended up needing to record this before I forgot it.

It’s nae a bad riff. I’m still really enjoying my satanic fuzz ritual pedal from the nine of swords guy. It keeps changing how I hear things- it’s possibly because it’s well made- but it seems to improve and alter the sound of my other pedals- particularly my BOSS multi FX box- of which I’m a big fan, even more so when I started using the store-pre-set aspect of it. great fun. These two together sound really thick and nice. It’s great with my pitch shifter/harmonist pedal. I would be lying if I said I didn’t want another NOS pedal- I had my eye on one but I can’t really afford it. I blew some money on this-

Screenshot from 2013-12-02 20:24:53
Actually I got the R16- should be good, 8 tracks live- records to SD card, and it seems to be a handy bit of kit. It’s re-furbished, hence the 129 price tag, nae box and nae manual. boxes get chucked, and I have the pdf of the manual. Just need a couple of sd cards. good shit yeah!


so I’m kinda fucked for spare cash. I think I got a bargain, and I stuck to what I was after- more tracks for the Sidca live recording situation.

Hey, also last night I made it out of the house. Met Craig down in the toon. We saw a band, or some bands at Drummonds. They were pretty guid, but I was bleezin’….then obviously  the moorings did call. love the Moorings me.

20131202-201421.jpg 20131202-201409.jpg 20131202-201434.jpg

I also have very dim recollections of sitting in a car somewhere, an abandonned car. It’s deffo real. I saw the car on the way to work. I was driven by loss of lighter- in my hammered state I thought I could spark a light from the car’s lighter thing. daft cunt.

I should really grow out of this kind of behaviour.

Nae. Such. Luck.



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