Bang. keeping count. Zoom R16 Saga.

In the eternal hunt for a good deal I spend a lot of time on e-bay, checking stuff out. I started bidding on a Zoom R16 eight track recorder. the ones I was looking at were new, nearly new or somewhat pricey. To see if  indeed I did get a good deal, I’m going to keep track on this post. I was havering a lot over a cheap AKAI audio interface- but it was four tracks and that was of no real benefit to me- more tracks are required- It will allow me to add room mic’s, capture two raging guitar amps and other stuff. It will still be LIVE- ’cause there ain’t no other way to record.



From e-bay, nae box, nae manuals, nae disc- and not mentioned- nae power supply. But it’s all solveable. It’s quite compact and tidy- will fit on a table alongside a wee pad mixer and bottles of wine and an ashtray. So that’s good shit. I’m easily pleased me. Is solveable an actual word? Hmm.



It arrived today, nice and quick. I found a replacement power supply unit pretty quick on e-bay.

Cost 129 buck all in.

Now I have also added:

Screenshot from 2013-12-03 20:44:11

A PSU (power supply unit- or power cable) =12.69

A SD card 32 GB at this much=14.49

A pair of phono to guitar jack leads at this much=4.49

Also needed a suitable USB cable for connecting the R16 to PC/Laptop/Etc.= unknown-

I just bought a USB male to male BUMSEX cable for 6.99.

cash money spent so far in bargain hunt = 161.12/

GRAND TOATALZ- 167.99. nae bad- let’s just see how the saga pans out yeah?

nae bad fuckface! A wee bit better than half price if all goes well.

the first project is to transfer a 4-track tape recording onto this , import to Audacity and see if the R16 will let me move levels with faders as opposed to mouse clicks etc. 2nd test is live to 8 tracks and all that. It should be fine- this fucker is stand alone direct to sd card- should be cunt proof. (me)

More to come. I hope it all works out non-shite.



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