More Zoom saga.

You may have gathered from the occasional post on this site that I can be at times be  a bit of a twat. Sometimes I can be a proper calamity merchant. I really pulled it out of the bag the other night, I didn’t start a war, kill anybody or threaten to butt-fuck-prison-style some attention seeking 3rd division celebrity on twitter..I JUST PRESSED THE WRONG BUTTON.

I managed to pull together the items needed to make the Zoom R16 function, in a flurry of e-bay button bashing I managed to send the power supply to my folks house. What my Mum or dad is going to do with it is anybodies guess.

oh well.

I think I can get a cheaper version with those chintzy and flimsy multiple switchable heads from Argos.

I don’t know why I’m in this much of a hurry. I have 14 days to mess with the thing- according to e-bay.

sometimes I really vex myself something chronic.

Just cause I’m really impatient I’m charging up some batteries- but it’s taking fucking ages.

That’s it for now.



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