Testing: Final stage approaches.

Well that’s about it for the testing of the new 8 track, and so far it’s been good. I’v really done all I can at the moment. I’m bloody itching to get this thing out and record me and Darren playing out in the loft. I’m generally just itching for a jam, but what with work, work and work that’s not happened for fucking ages. I think the last time we jammed was before the big old BEEF gig way back a few months.

But, so far the wee Zoom 8 track has worked out well. I’m pretty happy with the price I paid for it, and so far all I’ve done is piss about with transferring some 4 track tapes to it, and like on this- this is a prettty good test- live four track transferred to ZOOM- then I quickly added a wee slide guitar overdub using three tracks- a direct out from my Boss FX box and the two onboard microphones on the Zoom gadget. It’s aright.

I think, from now on although it’s a bit of a faff making a video I’ll dump mixes on you tube like this rather than on soundcloud. It’s a bit more permanent.

I’m a bit concerned how this 8 track will work live- I had a Fostex MR8HD before, it was cool but I was using a great big mixing desk with it- and it’s digital- which means CLIPPING.

This below, is my plan- all live. Overdubs never sit well with me- Cold Calling Mars is gonna get pushed into a slide guitar/pitch shifting direction- but I’ll just wait and see.

20131221-202513.jpg 20131221-202500.jpg


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