Zoom R8 Live test, pushed for time. IT WORKS!

Fit like you nodules.

Boom, in between all the festivities on Christmas and New Year me and Darren managed a couple of hours of jamming. I tried out the new digital 8 track, and barring me being a bit timid of setting some of the levels (particularly the two guitar tracks) it worked out okay. See the video? Up there, that’s the recordings badly mixed by me.

Further Spaff.


Just before we buggered off out to the country for New Year my new pedal arrived from NINE OF SWORDS. I had a wee shot while Darren was tidying up the Hogmany chaos in the loft, but it took a wee while for me to get to grips with my satanic fuzz ritual pedal- think that’s just how my music brain works. I will say it goes from nice buggered overdrive to horrible brain fucking fuzz though. It’s green also, and I dig the artwork being a bit of a fan of Big Black.

Mckenzie seems a fan of the Headache pedal, I think it might be the bright colours that’s swinging it- but he really prefers it over the growling head fuck of the Satanic Fuzz Ritual.

20140104-183053.jpgI was pretty much concentrating on the drums, so much so that used the vocal Mic stand on the snare drum. I used this Mic on Laney Combo number one. Like I mentioned I kinda fluffed the levels on both guitar amps. Oh well. I’m honestly not that fussy about the guitar tracks at the moment- they were kind of the last thing I was bothered about. I’m not sure where I got this Mic from- might have been e-bay- it’s got an XLR connection so it can’t be that cheap- but it’s a bit rubbish.


Laney number two was treated to a slightly better Mic, from Maplin- it’s quite heavy in weight and sounds nae bad on most things. I think it was about fifteen quid. I’m swaying between tracking down another AKG dynamic or getting another one of these for the drums. Cheapness is an issue.

20140104-183205.jpgThis is a regular- a cheap condenser Mic, it’s a bitty fizzy and nae that good- but I like to stick it over near the snare. I pair it up with this one below- which I stick near-ish the big bass drum. Ignore the Sony stereo mic (strange silver looking thing also in the stand) I never used it at all.


Said Mic is an ADK! I shit you not, it was well cheap around 60 quid. I tend to use these two mics panned hard left and hard right to capture Darren’s powerful drum technique. It’s a bit out of focus- I blame the shitty Iphone camera, not my rubbish photography skills.

20140104-183151.jpgJust because I had a couple of extra tracks to play with I jammed this on the bass drum- it’s an AKG dynamic, and it’s thumpy and loud. It sounded good on the kick and the snare. THUMPY.

I was alternating this with a sennshieser  SENNHEISER vocal mic – which sounded thin and shitty on both kick and snare. So I’ve learned something there. I didnae get a picture of the senshiesser  SENNHEISER mic. Sozerbots.

So to recap: I experimented with this:

Track 1: Snare-with senss mic/AKG dynamic

Track 2: Guitar Amp 1

Track 3: Guitar Amp 2

Track 4: Kick drum alternating senss  SENNHEISERand AKG

Track 5: Condenser as usual near kick drum

Track 6: Condenser as usual near snare.

I was going to use the Sony stereo mic for the last two tracks, but it always needs a mad amount of gain to work, and I couldnae be hooped digging out my wee phonic mixer. I ended up using the R8’s built in two mics. They sounded nae bad. I might make a mix using them by themselves just for fun.

(I did, quick and easy like a beat box jobby.)

Here’s some other random snaps:

20140104-183308.jpg 20140104-183241.jpg 20140104-183230.jpg 20140104-183255.jpg 20140104-183027.jpg 20140104-183039.jpg 20140104-183218.jpgThat’s it.



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