I made a page on facebook for my horrible doodles, actually I just re-named an old page that was sitting there: A.C.A.T- which I think meant Aberdeen City Artistic Twats. Anyhow, the page has two likes. So It’s going great man. https://www.facebook.com/pages/DIVIT-EFF-DRAWS/110119582411499



Today I had a day off. First in a long time. Wife went to work, kids off to nursery. Even spotty chicken-pox Isla.

I did not play guitar at all.
I felt no urge.
In fact whilst cleaning and that I packed and stowed all my guitars and pedals etc away.
I have no idea why.
I did some hoovering, cleaning etc. Listened to the radio.


All this Chicken Pox action has kind of buggered any chance of a pre-gig warm up session for the next SIDCA gig, Darren was pre-booked for last weekend anyhow, and I’m buggered if I can remember if I’m off the weekend of the gig. What the fuck though, practice makes less than perfect I reckon-

We didn’t practise this jam, and it’s fairly beasting.


Lack of guitar playing urge…..
I think I just need to spend a wee bit more time with my knackered old Fender Acoustic just singing and playing.

Tuff times for sure.

Played the new Sleaford Mods recording at a fairly sensible volume for a while, then turned it off cause my mither rang. Had a wide ranging discussion- I did my usual complaining etc.

I got a new wallet.

It’s real cool man.
I just wish I had a heap of cash to put in it.



Now I type up stuff and never post it on my blog….strange.



I watched a show on STV the other night, presented by Kray’s twin either or, it was all about the YBA lot. Bitty vom. In the gob. Grayson Perry on the rieth lectures. Art is a pop-fest. Quite, quite ball bustingly lame. Either/or. Ether/or.

Stream of unconsciousness.

I have stuff to say, but I’m not sure the story is worth relating.
I’m a yawn-fest min,
I bore myself to death….

Buying stuff….


I really like bandcamp, I like the idea of my cash going directly to the artist- albeit with a wee percentage creamed off by those bum-rapists at PAY-PALLZ.

Oddly I bought some guid stuff.


I’ve been streaming this a lot, and eventually I wanted to drag it about with me on my phone and ipod. It’s fascinating to me- but really dexterous and dense. It is to my ears Unsane played by tech-metal players. But, the tunes are crackin’. best played at moderate volume I’ve found.

I also picked up two recordings by SLEAFORD MODS, who are just fucking great, how do I know?- because my wife hates them.

New record here-

and really cool compilation here-

I’m pretty sure that it was me chum Craig that put me on to them- he fired a link via a late night text chat- and I just kept going back to it- (the now classic round my house AUSTERITY DOGS) and it took a while then I was in. I liked the gritty cunt-ish-ness, I liked the arsey retail rage. It just sounded great. So I’m hooked now. I even messaged them on the fucking Facebook to try and get them to play Aberdeen- missed the boat now I reckon- them two ladz are gonna be busy!

and RUNGS! great EP- I bought the 7″ to play round Craig’s with the REDREDRED.

Found an e-mail with the full EP download, really guid.

orrible beasty raperockcore. Underage and undereducated……operation YOUTREE.

I also scored a RUNGS t-shirt, I look well secksy in it.


New Phone: back to Android-Until I get my hands on an Ubuntu phone….
Ubuntu Phone? WHEN? It sounds amazing.
Moving shit,




Blu ray. Or blue ray.



I finally relented and picked up a budget, cheap as chips DVD/Blue Ray player from Tesco- I havered a bit and ended up going for the slightly more expensive one, I was torn between extra “smart” features, that I found slightly useless such as Iplayer and you tube- we have a freesat box that copes well with the iplayer over ethernet anyhow, and the clincher was the Divx certification. I buy a lot of films but I also download a lot of stuff- usually screeners etc, and I usually buy the stuff I really like.
Anyhow the promise of playing Divx/MKV files from a USB stick swung it for me, although I wasnae that convinced that it would work. As always with computers it can be a bit hit and miss.
I was feeling a bit spendy, which is unusual for me, and grabbed some blu ray discs to test the thing out, I also grabbed Immortals for three quid (classic film) and some other nonsense. Prometheus on standard, a dead knight zombie blu ray and the wife wanted Argo with ben ben ben ben ah-fleck.
Amazingly it all worked, the upscaling looked nice- especially on the bairns CLONE WARS animated DVD- which is pretty cool as kids stuff goes, and the front mounted USB stick socket was handy- it even played giant HD MKV files. All in all a good little purchase.
It does however make a strange buzzing noise when the TV is on- but that’s the problem of the TV- something to do with the humax box running through a SCART socket and the BR hooked up to the HDMI, this buzzing stops if you plonk the HDMI into the Humax box.
Can’t have it all though eh?





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