I feel like, Radio Four on repeat.



Wednesday equals a half day off work. I ran a nine till one shift. Four hours, a skive. No official break though- so I was hedging my bets on when to go and empty the big cardboard bin and grab a sneaky smoke. The god’s of retail did smile on me though- as I arrived at nine I noticed a rep from Daler Rowney was setting up a fantastic new end of banging paint pens and shit. Great I thought, that means heaps of cardboard. I was still on edge though, the HR woman was due up from head office and big Dave the regional manager as well. Always tricky.

It worked out okay though. I have incredible will power.

In the afternoon after her that is calamity went to work me and the kids went down by the river behind our exclusive street. I like the spot a lot, it’s a really good walk and it’s nice- a five minute walk and it feels like you are out of Aberdeen. Check the big machines.

The walk home from work was terrible though, I even cut out the shopping centres and half of George Street but even then my way was blocked by ethnics, students and junkie fuck-nuts. THE RAGE.

In other news we ( me and my brother) didn’t play at the weekend. It was complicated but we’ll probably re-schedule.


We did get a bit of jamming done. Went fine like.  Here are some videos- the HD one is pretty cool- Darren’s new camera accepts a line/mic in- which means I can run a line out from the 8 track to give slightly better sound. Nae bad.


and below some short vid-spacks taken on my phone:


Sadly I didn’t have enough time to try out my embryonic riff ideas for “Moorings micro-cock” or “Validate Me”, another time though.

I think “Howling Bonestation” is a GREAT idea for a song title though, or maybe an audio bundle title. All in the memory banks.



that’s it for now. I’ve typed a heap and not published it. As per usual.








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