A long day at work today, quite a long shift. 10 in the morning till 8 at night. Delivery day also so it was high octane, it’s always been thus at my current place of work- even more so at the moment as Hobbycraft slowly moves from niche chain to corporate monolith. Imagine going from working in a muddle along type company to working in ASDA. I’ve never worked in ASDA ( I reckon I’m not nearly thick enough) but I imagine it’s a GREAT PLACE TO WORK but actually is a FUCKING NIGHTMARE.

I tottered down the road in my fairly new shoes, (circa 28 quid fae fucking ASDA!) did my shift and wondered home. I listened to me and Darren’s last batch of loft recordings- sounds aright. You can tell we needed to practice/play a bit- all in all,  circumstances aside it was probably a good move not to play that gig.



I spun the shit out of the new Fat Goth CD- it’s really growing on me. Hella filthy and noisy at times….

(I’ll eventually get round to a proper half arsed/half finished review of that CD in good time, or probably not…I’m a bit flakey with actually getting stuff done)

THE FOG started coming down in the evening, and by the time I reached the top of Great Northern Road it was dense and heavy.

wpid-wp-1400619345555.jpeg People are very prone to saying stuff about how Aberdeen looks wonderful in the sunshine ( “the sparkling silver city”- etc) I’ve never really felt that- in the sunshine Aberdeen looks neglected, dirty and decrepit- old ill-maintained granite and horrible office blocks. I do like Aberdeen in the half light of winter mornings, cold and hostile- a festering mirage, or like this- festooned in swirling fog. Lovely. I like the rain too. It reminds me of something, maybe sitting drawing or reading inside when I was a kid because I couldnae get out to play.

Maybe I’m just a melancholic chap.

I’m only happy when it rains?

Shit band Garbage, nasty sub-goth shite.

SEE THE CHURCH? For sale, I’ve never looked it up though. Somebody should buy it and use it as a place of worship. That’s what I think, Churches are far too oddly shaped for a living space, unless you are loaded and are taking the whole place for yourself. Great Northern Road is a bit downmarket, otherwise some oil cunt would have bought it and converted it into a lifestyle solution. mind you, the oil class tend to head out the road a bit to realise the commuter dream, or congregate in over priced enclosed housing developments like the one over the river from me- Grandholm Village- it’s infested with giant black 4×4 driving bellends.

I’m sure they are all nice people. But, hey this is about reality.  Cunt Enclosure.

more smoggy foggy stuff…



That’s it I’m away to finish my searing critique of live at captain toms, I found that whole first show so offensive, so many competent bands.




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