Election Day. Pull yer’ shirt off and Pray…..

Holy shit, Elections for the European Parliament the morn. I can’t be bothered. I’m on a long day shift and I have no idea where our polling cards are. I also have no idea where the polling station is. Be thankful- I would have voted UKIP. Damn straight, sort this rubbish country out.

Here’s a picture:

wpid-wp-1400715417209.jpegI don’t even know if the mighty UKIP are standing in the Aberdeen I live in, I’m very ill informed don’t you know? I could tell you quite a lot about power rangers and BATMAN: The Brave and the Bold though.

I jest. I would vote UKIP or whatever without a jot of concern. Just to flag an issue that the mainstream parties are ignoring, and will continue to ignore.

They have some good points, and I do find the prissy static of the left on this issue quite funny. Immigration is an issue- not because I don’t enjoy signing for deliveries from an Eastern European with a strange hybrid accent- a mash up of acquired by osmosis Aberdonian and the rest of whereeverthefucktheycamefrom, but because the mainstream parties just won’t even touch the issue in a sensible way- for fear of sounding racist or something stupid like that.

The UK, or what I really mean Scotland (if all goes well this year) should have a system a wee bit like Australia- points, an emphasis on skills, and skills that would be good for Scotland. It seems incredibly simple and obvious.

Here’s a picture of a slug.


wpid-wp-1400619356601.jpegThere an awful lot of slugs this year, which was not the situation last year. I know ZIP about slugs, but I do turn a blind eye to Mckenzie’s enthusiasm for bashing fuck out of them with his big orange foam bat. he pretends he’s saving them, it’s like a performance, a repetitive ritual, he announces he is moving them to safety- moves away out of sight then I hear smashing and crunching.

guid lad.


That’s it for now you fuck wits.





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