I’ve been doing a wee bit of mixing of some SIDCA stuff over the last few days, mainly so I can listen to the tunes on the way back from work, I listen to the today programme on radio 4 in the morning, even though by the time I get near George Street it’s all about SPORT- but even sport can be interesting sometimes.

I’ve been working on Projects 21-34, which is all digital. It’s sounding nae bad. I might eventually package whatever I like the best as a download bundle on bandcamp, or I maybe won’t. I can’t even be fussed with sticking mixes on soundcloud either.

I do however think I’m right good at mixing. I’m confident that given enough time and enough will I could sort out most bands. I’m like a cack-handed, lazy digital Steve Albini.

The tracks I’m fiddling with are from two weekends- both with recording pro’s and con’s. The first batch I was using two amps, but for some reason didn’t bother to close mic the snare drum- and the second set the drums are close mic’d and room mic’d but I only used one guitar amp. It’s good fun though. I still REALLY like our “wonky Rock” track- it’s like a horrible mash up of sonic youth, polvo and shellac.



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