can’t do overdubs. A long standing issue.

I’ve been fucking about in bands for years, and the one thing I’ve figured out is that live is better. I’ve recently been returning to mistakes made many years and many times before. I just can’t do vocal/shouting overdubs- they sound wrong. I have a wee plan and experiment to try- I think the main problem may be re-doing stuff- and I blame my primary School teacher for that. not my main teacher- she did well coping with a small rural School- managing around thirty ( at maximum) different aged kids at different levels. The visiting Art teacher, much like the visiting PE teacher was a bit of a character. Said art teacher, (Miss Mcfarlane, Mcfarlaine?- memory forgets, that’s the task of memory- to dis-remember and re-frame the past…) was a lazy cow, and when I’d finished a picture she always made me work into it, destroy the power and liveliness of it and just fucking OVERWORK IT. daft cow. she’s probably dead now, or hunched over in a pool of her own piss in some dreary pre-end of life care unit somewhere.  the point being she wanted me to go away, and by going away I wrecked my stuff. I don’t resent her at all- but she was kind of not cut out for teaching. Her hair was disgusting and metallic wiry grey. SAD TIMES.

That’s why I’m a fan of first strike, attack and leaving stuff. Well for art and music. Music particularly. Play live. record. Make mistakes, fix it then and there by doing it again or leave it as a record.


It’s a volume thing, and I want to trick myself. Headphones don’t work. Maybe an approximation of nearly live band volume- which isn’t really possible in a semi detached house in Aberdeen- but in the past i’ve tried but I think I’ve figured it out. Also- strange things happen to Audacity sometimes- look at the little stopwatch icons behind those spikey wav. files!

Screenshot from 2014-06-25 23:35:45

That’s it for now. day in the life to follow if I can be arsed.



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