Tascam 4 track on e#bay

I put this listing up last weekend, and as is my way completely forgot about it. I even forgot to put some pictures up. It’s cool though the thing needed a bit of a clean, v. dusty. Out with a few cotton buds and a microfibre cloth.

I was a teeny bit sceptical about moving from analogue to digital, but it’s worked out okay- SIDCA are powerful in both realms. I’m equally inept at recording so it disnae make much difference!

The link for the listing is here, I’m away to add some pictures of the wee Phonic mixer I’m including with it as time allows. If you live in Aberdeen I’m sure it would be doable to meet somewhere and do a swap.


Pictures of the Tascam:

wpid-wp-1406452340119.jpegThere we go, it’s quite big and bulky- even compared to other analogue tape machines I’ve had. It’s solid ken? Sturdy. Everything works fine and it’s served me very well for recording basic live documents of my powerful Rock/Pop group.

wpid-wp-1406452345433.jpegSome detail, It really is a bit dusty! I’m sure I’ve a can of airbrush propellant somewhere in the house, might give it a blast with some of that and make it more clean and tidy. To be honest I hardly ever used the EQ- it’s not really my bag. Can’t be bothered faffing when It’s just rough and live.

wpid-wp-1406452349675.jpegMore detail, the tape transport control section. Right modern. It lights up as well, dead handy if you are recording in a dimly lit shed full of fag smoke and moths.

wpid-wp-1406452354039.jpegBack of the unit. Four big balanced XLR inputs, loads of standard jack inputs, 4 tape outs etc. I used the tape out’s recently when I transferred a heap of four track tapes to my new Zoom 8 track, before I’d been mixing direct to stereo ( good fun, very quick- and a lot of fun) but things still sounded roughly the same after a bit of fiddling on Audacity. Oh well!

wpid-wp-1406452357616.jpegPSU. I was getting very confused with a huge tangle of cables and power sources so I annotated the plug to correspond with said device. I’m an artist so this technically should inflate the value of this item around 1000% but I’ll let that slide. PSU works fine, no problems there.

Shots of Phonic mixer to follow: like the Tascam it’s been a reliable and solid bit of kit, used on a lot of stuff-including the making of our classic 2013 releases LOAF EYE RACKET.

#placeholder image- the only shot I can find of it here:

Mini mixer for phantom power and E.Q- to Tascam 4 track.
Mini mixer for phantom power and E.Q- to Tascam 4 track.


20140304-180323.jpgOHHH! Here’s a wee picture of the Tascam and the Zoom unit having intercourse.

IMG_1888Shit min, I’m having nae luck finding a picture of that mixer, here’s another shot of the four track in action though…please hold the line….

wpid-wp-1406481601104.jpegAlso a bitty dusty.

Works fine and comes with PSU.

wpid-wp-1406473233254.jpegor, discarding the traditional CYLYBOC-




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