Ring Binder 2014: A new wave of doodling.

I may or may not have mentioned I started a new ring binder, oh aye I did. The post is right here:


Anyhow, I’ve made a few entries so far up to six pages, or seven so far. It’s good fun.


I’m nae sure about this guy. It might be my mind processing the long touted and just ever so slightly unexciting debate last week between Alex Salmond and him with the cut and shunt eyebrows, I call him Daaaahrling. Anyhow, later on fishing for a red pen I coloured in his eyebrows. I have no idea why. VOTE SCOTCH. Smash the tyranny! ETC.

#scotchland  #rottenUK #rotten #redrum

wpid-wp-1407876151841.jpegThis is another one that got another layer. mostly of angry red pen. The Hissing Skull lurks under an oil rig. Unusually for my artwork the oil rig disnae have vicious de-formed cocks for sub-sea legs.


New ring binder obviously.

wpid-wp-1407876132940.jpegCrows. It’s not as BLUE as this in reality. I broke out the big guns, added a filter on my phones editing suite. Jesus!

wpid-wp-1407876123942.pngDetail: Look at the fucking rage in his eyes.

wpid-wp-1407876116262.jpegStandard version.

wpid-wp-1407876108208.jpegSkull. Skull. Skull.

wpid-wp-1407876100034.jpegArtwork spread out. Never to be seen again in this state.

wpid-wp-1407876092106.jpegpage 2 detail. Top corner annotation.

wpid-wp-1407876083936.jpegQUIT EYE-BALLING ME YOU MINKY CUNT FUCKER!

That’s it for now.




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