I can’t quit. I tried.

I really did try, I considered other platforms- as before I’d been tempted, but only a little. I have so much to say and so little time. I did say, in a rather rushed moment, that this esteemed blog was simply a five year mission. I was fibbing. Get used to that.

I lie, we lie- THEY LIE.

( There’s a book on my shelves with a similar title, a fascinating book from a well respected Anthropologist and probably semi-professional lesbian- I dubbed it mega-bore-snore. It’s a good book, but like many academic tomes- it’s so badly written, just TORTURE to read, like walking through semi-frozen groggy jizzy piss…)

I didn’t lie, I misremembered one book for another- he’s still a lesbian though! HAHA!




Accidentally bought this, I usually go yellow- but the shop was out. It’s nice, quite light and mellow- but man the skins are slim- like wafer thin. Also it smokes too fast, nae use and scunnered all rolled into one.


The usual.

I’m really liking the new Mark Lanegan Band CD- it’s a grower, and it’s Growing.

The new Min Diesel EP is great, waiting for the full length release- the songs just keep getting better from those guys.

Google it.




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