Indyref forevz.

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As it happened I wrote nothing about the Scottish indyref on here. I was too busy discussing it in REAL LIFE I suppose, that and calling people names on FaceBook. Now that, was a great deal of fun. As the whole thing ebbs away into history and the General Election looms- things are still interesting in Scotland. The adversarial divisions are still alive and vicious on the FB front- I’m watching closely the labour pages with great interest, and also things are interesting and polarized on the post indyref Yes pages and attendent Green/SSP/UKIP/SNP pages.

There are various classifications of intelligence=

There are various classifications of stupidity.

Long revisionist article in the Guardian,

(the long read) and the most interesting thing to me was the results of campaign polling- and the classifications of Scottish voters- great stuff. Scotland as a whole was treated as a marginal seat- to great effect.

The results were to define the no campaign’s entire strategy. Known as segmentation studies, the exhaustive series of questions led Cooper to conclude that the electorate was split three ways: the largest group, nearly 40% of Scotland’s 4m voters, were committed no voters. They were identified by Cooper as “mature status quo” and “hardpressed unionists”. At the opposite end of the spectrum were the committed yes voters, who made up just under 30% of voters. They were “Scottish exceptionalists”, those nationalists who believed Scotland was preeminent and would vote yes even if it impoverished the country, and “blue collar Bravehearts”, those working class, largely male, voters who identified themselves as Scottish, not British.


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