I’m a big fan of David Starkey, after some thought I declare him my most favourite Homosexual, Atheist Historian. He’s pretty guid when he presents his TV shows, but he absolutely shines when he speaks his brain on the spur of the moment. His performances on the BBC debate show Question Time are always worth tuning in for- and the fallout that inevitably follows is equally entertaining. It’s deeply ironic that on the last episode Starkey was hardly allowed to finish his train of thought, particularly on the subject of Islamic Fundamentalist terrorism. The dark shadow of ISIS seems to render people unable to actually think constructively and coherently. There is also a real problem with shouting down people who dare to voice uncomfortable views that differ from the official dogma.


He is, as many have mentioned prone to making rather funny mistakes, or thinking out loud as he has put it himself. His notorious “blunders” and “gaffes” are no worse than other lapses of consideration that are bound to occur in a live free flowing debate, he is though a particular OUTRAGERAGE generator, a real flashpoint for the legion of leftie twits that infest the new media of FaceBook Twitter et al.

Here’s a rather neat defence of Starkey that I found trawling (not trolling, but that’s a topic fit for another post I think.) the internet, dating back a wee bit- it references his comments made in relation to those riots in London a few years ago.


A banal culture of pointless OUTRAGE. OUTRAGE-RAGE. The kingdom issues a statement.

A stupid example. I was reading on the NME blog of all places about the ongoing saga of ex-Oasis singer and general rock star Liam Gallagher, apparently according to the two paragraphs I read (and that was about the extent of the article- given the attention span of phone spastics nowadays that’s probably about the correct length) he was making a mess of his life and was “depressed”. The little chunk of news was fairly harmless, and par for the course for the NME- who routinely run non-stories about the ex-Oasis lad and his brother every thirty seconds or so….but the comments were were the real gold was to be had. Solid out rage. REAL, boiling OUTRAGE-RAGE.


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