I’ll be issuing a statement on that soon.

Why? Because everyone does. What is my personal view?- I will clarify that soon- across all relevant Platforms. Will my own personal and unique perspective gain traction, notoriety and wider agreement amongst the undecided? Who knows. It’s this, a great event, a triumphant return, a celebration of all that is strong and guid in Aberdeen. How many of these musical acts will gain wider cultural resonance within the great march of musical progress, and which will be deemed unfit- and worse still merely competent but without that special vital spark of…..something. Anything.

I really can’t comment. I’ll be repeating my party line. I’m committed now. Entrenched. I will not deviate regardless of any new information.

Stay tuned. I type into the void. I don’t fear the blank text box. I yammer against the clamour.



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