Braveheart non-sense. Scotland: A failed state.


I walked past WH Smiths today, the one in the shopping centre next to Union Street. In my headphones Radio Four burbled happily- it was very close to quarter to eight, AAAARGH! That means “thought for the day” and it’s pish. I noticed a big promo stand in the doorway of the shop- all johm pohcked full of smashing new re-packaged BRAVEHEART Blu-ray discs and DVD’s. ‘mazin’.

It’s nae a bad film Braveheart, a bit silly at times but just the thing for stirring up the population into an English hating mob just prior to the independence referendum.

After that, I suppose all being well Scotland will become another tragic failed *STATE ripe for regime change. It’s such a shame, and there’s not a single thing we can do about it man, we are fucked no matter what we do.

I know not why I said “we”, I don’t give a flying fuck about anyone else in this piss poor excuse for a country- I’m already expecting the worst- I’ve been spending the last few nights and early hours feverishly tweaking away at my C.A.D utility on my laptop- battering out rough ideas and schematics for a bunker in the garden….a bit like that guy in that Take Shelter film……I also need to gather weapons, food supplies and enough wine to float a medium sized battleship.

To fail to prepare is to prepare to fail.

Fore-armed is the bit that comes after yer’ L-BOW’s. Not a Longbow, like Robin of the Hood.

Naw dinnae be silly.


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