I think terrible things

  • PISH

Derren Browne.

What sort of name is Derren? It’s ridiculous, it’s not the most goofy name I’ve heard though- today, at work, unless my ears were playing tricks on me I heard a woman instruct her little “Anakin” to not touch the Canvas frames.

Anakin? Surely that’s asking for trouble circa the age of teen-terror. They are really in for a tough time- discard the usual teenager problems- this little bugger is going to turn to the dark-side of the force as well as compulsive masturbation, drugs and booze.

Fucking madness.

It was probably Radio 4. It was an interview- actually I think it was a Richard Dawkin’s Documentary. Yeah that was it.

He talked about innapropriate compulsions. And why he’s never learned to drive. I can sympathise with him on that. I to have strange outlandish urges. Sometimes I shudder over them.


That film about becoming a parent- the director of it talked about it- Dark Skies, climate rage. Ominous disaster, millenium tesnsion.


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