purged draft. unknown date,

Often the news reduces me to tears. I like living in a bubble of tedium (work) and alternating bedlam/hyseria *HYSTERIA (wife n’ kids) but sometimes the wider world creeps in through various media outlets. STV is brilliant- and it’s news service is bappit beyond belief. Actual real Aberdonian’s are sometimes interviewed un-cowled and bound- actually shown on camera rather than censored. I know, they really should have them disguised and re-voiced by actors. It brings me no end of joy though.

Keep it local. The Press and Journal and the tabloid runt of the litter the evening express.

The one thing that really pisses on my chips is the sheer ball busting dullness of said papers. Parochial, small minded and lacking anything to say.

It’s a piffle fest. I know very little about local politics, and scant really about Scottish Parliament stuff- I do tend to follow the Westminster stuff, ’cause it’s a lot of fun and seems to me it tackles bigger issues. Fuck knows what I’m going to do after this big refferendumb on Scotch Independence, I mean there’s probably going to be no media at all in that kind of failed state. I suppose TV and radio will be the first things to go- closely followed by printed media- then the whole edifice of scotlands infrastructure- transport, healthcare, local government services etc. It will be grim.

I suppose I’ll have to make my own entertainment then. Which will be a real fucking hardship.

RE: The Fuckin’ News.

Barney Crockett resigns.

what a dafte. *DAFTIE

A real spacky-tard.

As a point of interest even the highest Aberdonian intellectual will sound like a brain damaged half wit on TV, it’s the accent man. They always sound so fucking stupid.


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