The language of Hate. The bell-end curve.

I’m having fun with this at the moment, as I’m sifting through all the usual pish on Facebook, pictures of cats, pictures of stupid accidents, adverts for pictures of cats, videos of famous celebrities accedentaly wanking off a horse,  and of course pictures of cat’s dressed up as Sean Bean – I do tend to hover over the Post Indyref pages- the 45%, the Labour out of Scotland page- and other pages on the opposite end of the spectrum- the unity pages, the Jim Murphy page all that sort of stuff.

I’m filling a page of A4 with words that really piss me off, not because they offend me, but because they are fascinating- and proof that some people live in a deranged and really fucked up head space.

What I do is, apart from take a wee screenshot on my phone if I spot something particularly funny or boneheaded is to take a note of particular words being bandied about by both “sides” in the forthcoming GE2015 election event type thingumy. Using the term sides, is perhaps quite telling- as much as people go on about it and their personal political aspirations for the eventual outcome- the fact is that this election is going to be very messy, and will not be a tradional Labour/Conservative clash, with the Liberal Democrats playing the patsy/kingmaker role again. It’s just not a simplistic adversarial conflict- ITS JUST NOT A GAME OF FOOTBALL. I’m like a pig in shit about it, a state that I’ve been in ever since the indyref results rolled in that fateful and depressing morning last year.

The language itself is pretty low-brow and fairly stupid. I have a pretty low tolerance for shit puns and witless banter. Banter itself boils my piss to a fair extent- but lazy shit bandied about by tedious twats who should just go home and run a bath then slash their wrists open REALLY grinds my gears. I have a real dose of OUTRAGE RAGE about this.

I don’t though, I’m taking the piss. I just find the words used really telling. There are real problems on all the extreme spectrums

It goes back a ways, that whole thing about calling Tony Blair Tony Bliar after the whole WMD thing was exposed as a cunning ruse to justify a bit of military fun.


och I cannae be arsed with this. I’ll come back to this once I’ve actually filled up a whole page with said afore mentioned phrases and words.


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