Contempt for the chattering classes. For and Against: the language of marginalisation and ethnic cleansing.

Contempt for the chattering classes. For and Against: the language of marginalisation and ethnic cleansing.


see them, circling. ? An unusual manifestation- so dark, so wrong, THEY ARE JUST PRETENDING TO BE SEAGULLS.



Its far easier to kill people that have been de-humanised. They are Cattle, they are animals- they don’t count.

I really should find an outlet for my rage, I mean investigating the New World Order site in Aberdeen (Union Square shopping centre and it’s top secret underground levels-report coming soon in PDF format and Kindle book) is all well and good, but it’s such hard work collating all that anecdotal evidence, Videos and photographs- I also have many sound files/recordings, some my own recorded on my investigations and some passed onto me by contacts at Union Square.

My plans are forming on how to proceed further with this investigation, but it will require a significant injection of funding. I’m toying with approaching private funding- or perhaps some sort of Kickstarter type of arrangement. There is certainly plenty of money in Aberdeen- but the main problem with that is that many of the sources of private funding will have vested interests in my project, and indeed many of them (THEM) would know doubt seek to see my investigations terminated.

That aside.

My other passion is the upcoming General Election. I’ve been doing my bit to engage with people but I do find it very hard to deal with people who express views that I don’t myself hold. I have a creeping desire to correct them, permanently. A final solution to dissent if you will.

I’m not keen on getting my hands dirty though, hopefully I could encourage some low-brow minions to carry out the actual grunt work.

It’s an idea that I have been pushing heavily in meetings of my un-thinking-tanked-up-think-tank– THE PROJECT FOR THE NEW SCOTCH CENTURY. Everybody just tells me to shut up though, that really doesnt mean I’m wrong though, I just need to convince people of the merit of my ideas.

I can release the following series of images RE:The dark energy of Union square.



I can’t stay and chat, I’ve got to prepare for the first SIDCA jam of 2015- I’ve cut my nails in preparation.



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