Archiving: Digging through some discs.

I was rummaging through some of my really old DIVX movie discs tonight, I’ve been dipping into them the last couple of nights whilst trying to find a copy of the excellent film Wristcutters: A love story. I found that film, and watched it again- as guid as I remember. Here’s the trailer- but I’m finding some odd discs-

Look at this one- such a strange mix of films.


The mouth of madness is a banger! really guid- and the shadow of the vampire is brilliant- If you’ve not seen it check it out, a really cool concept. It’s stayed with me for years that film, such a strong bit of cinema.

Mirrormask? I found that on a disc as well, looks pretty ARTY. Can’t recall ever seeing it. It’s there though. HMZ.

You can guess which ones I’m bothering my arse to drag and drop onto my hard drive.

I really should back-up stuff better, maybe next time I’m battering round Tesco with the wife and kids I should pick up an old skool spindle of DVDr’s. I won’t though. I have a 1TB drive that’s nearly three quarters full of films, family photo’s and videos and SO MUCH UNFINISHED WORD BUNDLES, and of course the ever expanding SIDCA wav. bloat. ERM.

Much Film Wow.

I’ve also found a copy of FIREWALKWITHME and THEMESSENGER- the latter if memory serves, is about Joan of ARC. The famous French Feminist Welder of such legend. Minge.

Also I just re-discovered THE TRIPODS. Brilliant BBC series, which abruptly stopped before they got to the third book in the series.



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