My current favourite colour of paint. Taking Stock.


Ages and ages ago at work we had to bin a great heap of old discontinued stock, just a big mish-mash of items. There was heaps of it. I remember taking a big box of it to Mckenzies nursery- and every week we got some of the stuff back in the form of cards or strange creative items.

I managed to get quite a lot of paint, and in amongst the big box I got a couple tubs of this- which is my favourite colour nowadays. It’s supposedly pistachio, but for me it looks like rotten flesh. Nice. So I use it a LOT.


I’m not that keen on painting really, but I find it really relaxing, kind of like playing music- it’s a non-thinking time, and THE VOICES STOP THEN. A brief respite.



More like making stock, from chicken bones. Look at the state of that hob. Absolutely filthy. I feel the twitching compulsion to attack it with a brillo pad and some cleaning fluid.



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