Some pointless snaps from today.

I took some shit pictures on my phone today. It was delivery day, which is always pretty hectic. It’s a struggle to fit all the cages in usually (the fucking warehouse is tiny) and today was a big delivery, promotions etc.


The Lorry was waiting for me as I smoked and drank my first (of many) cups of cheap instant Coffee. It depends which drivers on the run how much chat I engage in, some of them are pretty guid fun- even if they have that terrible stabby belt accent and matching cliched sense of humour. Banter they call it, at least when delivery drivers are replaced by robotics I’ll be able to request that the banter feature is turned off. I imagine by that stage though I’ll have been replaced by some sort of cyber-twat with a safety knife built in to it’s SwissARMYKNIFEHANDZ.

Shit off. Dick move.


wpid-img_20150407_212902.jpgI was waiting about, twitching and spazzing about, killing time by farting and shouting. I like this boat- it’s parked across the road. Issa called THE WORLD DIAMOND. It’s a mirage, it’s not real.

wpid-img_20150407_212822.jpgDolly. Dollie? DOLL-EH? WTF is this item?

wpid-img_20150407_212635.jpgwank,wank WANK. Like live at Captain Tom’s the internet TV show.

wpid-dsc_0316.jpgDESK W4NK


Shoes. Farting on great Northern Road. ABZwpid-img_20150407_212244.jpg


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