LAST NIGHT. Earth. scorched earth.

last night was strange, after two debates already I had no appetite to sit through Question Time, my mind was fuggy and needed something else. A change from the usual Thursday evening routine. I settled down, to listen again to that mad-banger of a record by Earth. This time, because I’ve used up all my free plays on bandcamp I just switched to you tube- such a great record, the vocals really add something when they work, and even though I’m a big fan of Mr. Mark Lanegan I just don’t dig his contributions much. whoever the other guy is, and I’ve done a google but it didn’t sink in. Really cool song, his vocals add rather than subtract/distract. Heres the whole LP

And then the track I’m on about. Brilliant.

I got a right good little speaker a while back from tesco- fuck knows how it works but it’s cool. one speaker but stereo. It’s really loud, not BOSE or boutique. dead guid value. for music it’s great, and also for R4 etc. Good buy.


After that I ended up wandering about the house, rolling fags- loading up a nightmare baiting stack of cheese and ham. Listened to The Black Heart Procession, got bored.


One thought on “LAST NIGHT. Earth. scorched earth.

  1. That Earth song is sung by a lass, Rabia Shaheen Qazi, from the band Rose Windows. Great song, I bought one of their albums but not as good as the Earth collab. I was also a tad disappointed by the Lanegan tracks, expected more…

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