SIDCA JAM SAT/SUN 18th 19th April 2015.


Re-post video?

I’m just finished making some cack-handed quick mixes of this, and maybe I should have waited a few days but fuck it. We recorded a fair batch of stuff, but it’s not that anything went wrong as such- it just felt like less fun than the last two we had with Craig. It’s not unusual, me and Darren have had similar weekends jamming where it all seems a bit shitty. I’m probably just being a bit meh, ’cause the recordings sound guid- some of the songs sound a bit lacking some energy, but that was probably my bad.

I think the problem was THAT song, the new one. It got difficult, well in my head maybe- the actual recordings sound fine.


In other news I managed to actually connect the vocal mic’s to the Zoom box this time, major break through there in procedure terms. I tried to separate the two vocal channels to two tracks on the Zoom box- which in theory should have worked fine- I used to use the little mixer to power phantom powered mics x 2 on Darren’s kit- but for some reason, (probably one of those pesky little buttons on the cryptic mixer) no matter what I tried bot vocals got summed to both tracks, oh well and indeed fair fucks.



Maybe add a picture yeah?



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