Strange day today. I had the house to myself, this hardly ever happens. It was kind of unsettling. I took the loon up to his School in the morning, and we really pulled together as a team- I continually wound him up about the route, and indeed which School he was attending and in turn Mckenzie grew more and more irate at my willfull twatishness. Quality time. Quality.

I just sat about, I was confused a little by the lack of noise/hysteria- so about as much as I did was listen to the radio, the new min diesel




Chopping and cutting FURY.


I decided I’d try and get some shit done, and the morning was fine and sunny. I hit the garden savagely, LIKE A REAL GO-GETTER. I gave it 110 pre-sets, that’s me though.




That old tree stump was an absolute bastard to get out, I had to go rummaging for the spade to eventually WIN. Fuckers out now though, and it looks great just dumped on the step, a real feature. I might get some of those garden solar powered lights to illuminate it at night. SUCH WOW.

It’s been ages since I had the living room clear of other humans to record, I only did one song, just kind of fucking about really, crowds of hipsters and go-getters can get to fuck min. Good acoustics in the big living room. NICE.

Crowds of hipsters was just a verse, it was going nowhere fast, so I stapled the riff into an older song- GGCHTF.

Dunno if it works, I also changed the key a bit with the old capo.


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