A really rubbish weekend. 

I was out of it for pretty much the whole weekend. Friday at work was terrible. My eye went all funny, swollen , red raw and nippy as hell. I struggled through it, not really being able to see all that well. I kept the big doors of the warehouse closed, catching a sliver of sunlight in my eye was painful savage. Water would pour out, and my vision was impaired to a great extent. I managed to hover by the PC monitor long enough to book stuff in . Three mouse clicks. Goods booked in.  

 Anyhow. I staggered through Saturday morning looking after the kids, with shades on and getting worse. The wife came home from work about one and I crashed. Woke up cooked tea then crashed again guzzling anti flu painkillers and glugging anti hystamine solution that was for little Isla. Sunday was a write off. Gubbed.

Surfaced Sunday evening in time to gather the news Greece had rejected further savage austerity. 

Cheered me up.

Still can’t see. 



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