I made some progress on the fixing some dodgy vocals, some of the results sounded pretty guid. Then computer crash. Anyway I’m at the other end of the spectrum now- going through the last few full bore SIDCA three piece jams- and I’d forgotten some gems. It’s pretty cool.

Next time I’m out at the practice space I have definite lean over dubs planned for PROJECT 56 (SDcard2) but it has to be in the same space, same actual KILL volume and, yeah- other wise it sounds whack.

( at least I have it all written down)

Anyway- I’m going through the last four or so jams- ( I’d forgotten about that version of Ballad of Buckie) and there is a basic principle I’d forgotten- LIVE, if you fuck up do it again. So I’ve plenty of stuff to choose from.

STILL SOARZ ALBUMEN/EVEL though as a title.

Back to it-


all current candidate tracks are with Craig/power trio version.

PROJECT 4– an edit. COLD CALLING MARS (I’m pissed- my vocals are more than usual over the place- but at least on  this cut the vox/mixer channel is correctly selected) This song is funky, but a shambolic jam. I like it. there’s another version I might splice into this as a silly hidden track or something.

PROJECT 22– an edit- ballad of buckie from the time we jammed and I forgot/pressed the wrong button- instead of vocals direct from the wee mixer I got two tracks from the on board Zoom condenser mic’s. Works well on this take- I just sing along with bass, come stabbing in on guitar. Sounds roomy. The second take is marred by trying to re-organise the song. DICK MOVE FROM ACIDIC SIDCA DICKS…….

PROJECT 28– another edit- hunting for a version of never in the history of gunfire where I didn’t fuck up the words- this is from the pressed the wrong button sessions. Sounds really ROOMY. pretty guid version of jacket hunt as well. NOISY!

PROJECT 31– more cold calling mars- this is really funky with home recorded shouting. worth it for the wanky wah-wah guitar. also from the pressed the wrong button sessions.

PROJECT 42– another version of never in the history of gunfire– very chuggy. Overdriven guitar, sounds like a spastic metllakka.

PROJECT 44– a version here of TQOTMI– slightly lacklustre singing wise. It’s a guid tune like.

PROJECT 51– probably won’t use this- bike story from DRN- and me and him fucking about trying to remember how to play thecalorgasheatersong-onebarsometimesisnaeenough ( I’m digging that out for a re-mix soonish) might go on THE RECORD. The bike story is pretty guid as well as anecdotes go.

PROJECT 56– whole set, it’s pretty guid- Gunfire and TQOTMI are arsed up by me forgetting the words. Need a music stand obv.


PROJECT 58– whole set, card ran full. Interesting jitters and jumps in the .wav files as the card got rammed.

ooooh- maybe I should dig out PROJECT 55– first run through of PALLETS-




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