had to have a lie down. Lie.

I’m tired, I’m exhausted, I have a lot on my plate.

Oh for God’s sake, shit the fuck off you BUMFACEDROBOT


I’ve been uploading a heap of stuff on soundcloud lately- heaps of loop/beat soundcollage based stuff. It’s mainly due to the looper pedal I purchased a wee while ago- in an unexpected period of spare cash. It’s a great little gadget, and it’s providing me with reams of fun.

It’s a guid tool- I can record a rough verse chorus verse break, then final rousing chorus then add additional ideas, or indeed just twiddle away until I figure stuff out. It’s basic, the high-roller version includes wav. File import via USB and two loop channels but fuck it, I’m getting a lot of use out of the thing.

It’s also nice and dinky.


I’ve been fucking about with building short loops, full of odd noises, longer songs/ideas and generally having a bit of a laugh.

Will it be any use in the live SIDCA set-up? For sure it might work- two amps and a signal splitter- set loop- lock it out to one amp- let the other two jam on it- add live guitar over the other amp. Sounds lush yeah?

Here lurks the so-far on soundcloud.



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