it’s that time again.



I’m currently gathering up my notes, pictures, press clippings, video footage and voice memo’s in preparation for the usual monthly de-brief. It’s a fun time. It’s usually around midnight, the guys are never that spot on. It’s not a concern to me, I make myself ready. But a guid jacket on, put the special shoes on, grab my bag- and my Amber Leaf.

Usually they cloak the ship, sometimes it sounds like a helicopter- sometimes a a huge swarm of militant twigs. Last time they manifested as a huge plastic squirrel. Funny cunts, I thought.

I can’t bring the oblong, but I have photo’s and video footage. They will no doubt enjoy that. Steve won’t- but there is no pleasing that tube.

The banter is solid.

Back to the mothership? maybe, but it’s very rarely necessary unless I say something REALLY interesting. Not much happens in ABZ.

Sometimes I pretend to be Jim Murphy, that confuses the fuck out of them.

I outline any progress I’ve made on the UNION SQUARE investigation,


and also my research into THE BUM-FACED ROBOTS.


After that we chat about economics, the lizards, and smoke some crack.

Fun times.


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