I followed the Labour leadership elections a fair bit, and it was exciting. For me it was Corbyn for the win, pretty much from the get go- it was an open goal, a fairly sensible logical thinker versus a collection of slightly empty, glib robots. I wouldn’t go so far as to say the others were BUMFACEDROBOTS, but they were all very empty. More about positioning, PR spin, cautious pish speak and wet-eyed fake platitudes. Like Blair, or indeed Milli-bot. Not my thing really.

Eventually Corbyn won. I thought that was great, not that I give a fuck- I vote SNP- which is a smart left of centre party in Scotland- unlike Labour in Scotland who seem to consist of short-termist stupidists on a highway to fuck all.

As much as I dig Corbyn- it’s very clear that the hive mind of Labour in Scotland is bent on the following strategy- constantly criticise and blame the current administration with blatant disregard and due diligence to actual facts in order to regain power. Yes Scotland, use your new powers, to offset Tory cuts- raise taxes to make-up the shortfall in revenue, and become unpopular- and lo! the labour party will return, through no positive action, just by a sense of entitlement. It’s the saga that Alan Bisset foretold circa the indyref.

The beasting of Scotland, will only succeed if the SNP pick the wrong battles. It’s fucking timing man, and crucially- as rumblings have started- currency issues have to be nailed down, and a lot of the YES movement has to become less aligned to the SNP.

Scotland is a special case, and Scottish Labour are equally special.

Anyhow, Corbyn’s speech at the party conference was good. He comes across well, but his chief appeal is to folk that don’t vote/can’t be arsed- that’s where the votes will come, and give it five years- a lot of the deadwood in the party will be gone.

and don’t forget, it’s just not Scottish Labour that’s got a case of the stupids…

That’s my gut.

Of course around that time we’ll get a circa 65/35 vote in favour for Scottish Independence. So it’s all guid. Corbyn is win:win.

Felt like a rant, ken?

anyway, your probably better off reading that WINGSOVERSCOTLAND site for all this stuff. I just type my brain, with fair to middling results.





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