A Cold Snap.


I blame yesterday for my current really cold deep down in my bones status. I was mainly in the warehouse on Friday, and it’s like a fridge, and because the delivery days have changed I was in there for a long time, more than a standard shift. Instead of the cushy 9-5, I was doing an awesome spirit crushing 9-8. pure killer gadgee.

Gotta soldier on though, I kept warm by working, swearing, smoking and bitching about the staff. DICKS.

  1. IMG_2399
  2. That there, is a work related, bitchy in-joke.  ( I did a fair few doodles today as well, just pushed the chair right up next to the radiator, yeah>

It wasnae THAT bad, but by the time I left work it was doing that strange raining and snowing kind of thing. Really annoying. My jacket is a beast in these kind of conditions but I had no hat no gloves, and my shoes are not good in skitey conditions. By the time I had reached the fantastic wind tunnel of Great Northern road ( nothing particularly great about it as it happens) I was totally soaked.

I did change out of the soggy gear as soon as I got home, and probably should have had a bath to warm up and then hid in my bed, but didn’t. Hit the red and cruised facebook, you tube and all the usual.

I woke up as the wife was leaving for work this morning and felt like microwaved dogshit smeared on a dismembered corpse. Well not that bad, the kids seemed fine- happily tootering about, playing on their little tablets, Isla happy enough just to play with her little toys, Mckenzie switch hitting across entertainment platforms like some fickle git- You tube, Wii, newly installed Ubuntu powered minecraft ( works much better than the Windows side of the partitioned dual boot hard drive) on the Russian Oligarch desktop he got for his birthday….yes Lenovo think centre with the hyperactive noisy as fuck fan I’M TALKING ABOUT YOU. It’s a guid PC- it’s just all those gang tatto’s it’s covered in very off putting. I might Duck Tape the fucker a garish pink leopard skin print. Aye, not duct tape- fucking DUCK TAPE.



Early on I came to a solid decision-

I was not going outside. Too fucking cold.

I stuck to that, nobody else seemed to have much enthusiasm for it either. Isla was/is still smoring from a bad cold and hacking cough that got her sent home from nursery on the Thursday and kept off all day on the Friday. She did come and point at the snow outside when Owen fae next door came to pick up a parcel but that was the extent of her enthusiasm.

I did eventually get a bath, which seemed to help a bit. Still freezing min, though. I’m sitting typing this garbage in my dressing gown, two jumpers and a natty blue hat I half inched out of the bin at work. Tres groovy cack-magnets.

Fuck-nose min.

I’ve had three shites today.



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