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Dormant, on page 135- made me think of THE OBLONG. I’d allmost forgotten about the O B L O N G. It’s dormant too, resting, waiting. Not on a remote island- but in the canteen at work. INSANE MAN. IMG_2416IMG_2415

The other day I finished that Shampoo Planet book by Douglas Coupland. It was kind of okay, I enjoyed it- and part of me thinks I’ve read it before. I’ll have to dig out the other ones I have, although I’m fucked if I know where they are.

I dipped into Hellers GOD KNOWS, but by page thirty I was loosing the will. Might return, might not- all the biblical references made as much sense to me as the sports round up on the TODAY show on Radio 4.

Ended up hitting an anthology of SF. It’s pretty cool- and I do so dig obscure stuff.



turns out there’s a film, and I bet the ending is different. here, read the PDF if you like, and imagine that as a blockbuster starring the mighty MATT DAMON, that annoying little cow from Game of Thrones/ DR WHO. And imagine they stuck to the story instead of the obvious compromise for a less disturbing ending. Matt Damon put’s himself to death, the ship flies on auto pilot and annoying girl is SAFE.

watter comin’ oot yer eyeholez min. GREEEETIN


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