Last weekend, just as |DISCONIGHT| started, I discovered that my current stereo was dead. This was due to two possible things-

  1. The last CD I played, it may have been too much for the old thing, in fact CD’s in general- I had been sorting through my box of discs and playing a lot of them on the CD player, which is something I hardly ever do nowadays. The CD section of the compact HI-FI unit was getting quite toasty.
  2. A fantastic sliding dance move from Mckenzie, to the brut beats of shit’n’shine- he landed by the extension cable snarl-up.

or, It was just old, and a question of time before it conked out.

Anyhow, I double checked all the connections, and, it’s dead. So now I’m scouring the e-bay for one of them HI FI units that nobody wants anymore. They are bulky though, and there is limited space on the desk.

we’ll see, no doubt. options open as ever.









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