X-Files reboot.

Everything, EVERYTHING, seems to get a re-boot nowadays, maybe I’m just old and weary, tired and jaded. Fuck nose, It’s back to the mothership tonight, so I’ve an hour or so to kill. I’m still trying to decide on which pair of shoes to wear, brown or oxblood brogues? I’m sure the lads won’t care as long as I have enough shrapnel for them to buy magazines and sweeties from the shop. Sometimes I feel that the whole exercise is completely pointless- A BOX TICKING EXERCISE.

and gosh fucking darn I hate box tickers.

I’ve watched the first two episodes in the six episode run so far, and yeah- it’s guid. It’s still a bit clunky (it always was) but I’m really liking how it’s been pulled from a slightly procedural show to what seems like a tight dynamic narrative. I’ve read a few things about the mini-series, and I was hopeful it would be good- with the occasional (probably slightly goofy- stand alone episode, which I like anyway, totally dug that musical episode of E.R- don’t tell anyone) but I really dig the big shift in the show right off the blocks in the first episode.


great stuff.

I love how the smoking guy has overcome his health issues, and kept on smoking. fuck the man.

Screenshot from 2016-01-31 13:22:30


David rating: 9.5 out of ten.







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