Skytronic chintzbox

Temporary measure. fifty buck from the e-bay, looks nice and silver. But banana jacks?


insane. God knows why I only arranged to get two, I obviously need FOUR. A thick moment. A trip to Maplin the morn, before a full test during the Saturday night ritual of DISCO NIGHT. will the amp manage to handle shit ‘n shine (traditional opening salvo) or indeed the ball-busting UPTOWN FUNK?

Time, will tell.

The power flex, is, really short- might have a re-gig regarding positioning. I should maybe stick it on top of the old bathroom cabinet I refused to throw out and have already filled full of random shite. Silver chintzbox resting upon mirrored bathbox. cool cool.


will need to find a new home for the SCANNER. god sake, life is so STRESSFUL.


Due to aforementioned stupid, I’ve only tested one speaker set- put the sound is pretty guid. It’s got mic inputs for that Karaoke experience. I’ll not be using that function.



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