I was going through the last SD card recorded on the ZOOOMER and was noting that after our last jam with Craig I’d filled up an awful lot of disc space with loop based stuff, and a lot of stuff using my ancient Casio keyboard. The Keyboard was always a bit shite, but when I run it through my two nine of swords Fuzz pedals things get interesting. I quite like a few of the tunes/ideas so I thought I’d pop them on bandcamp. This is through pure laziness-it’s just easier to pick some wav. files and stick them onto bandcamp then download it in MP3 format for my phone and ipod.

Anyway there are two up so far, might add some more.


SD Card III- Mostly home recorded noodles, and many loop based sonic collages.

Project 000

Dogshit composite song.

Recorded on phone, added to later.


Project 001

copied from SD card II- for overdubs, but aborted.

Bitty shite really.

Project 002

loft jam, with onboard mic’s. Crowds of hipsters, pallets (with new wobbly chord)


Project 003

Loop: Icy Labradford loop.


Project 004

2nd go at Icy Labradford loop. More organised recording.


Project 005

Strange boingy squelch LOOP


Project 006

Rape as a sport at the 2012 Olympics LOOP.


Project 007

Empty box. Nothing Doing. Move along.

Project 008

Y.G.N.H Loop.


Project 009

Crowds of hipsters. Bitty messy. Just guitar.

Project 010

Buzzy keyboard throb.


Project 011

darkie drums Episode one. Drums very glitchy. Good keyboard squelch though.


Project 012

darkie drums- nae bad. Can’t remember how to play it though.


Project 013

copied from SD card II- for overdubs, but aborted.

Bitty shite really.


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