On an Election Footing. Code 47

The Scottish Elections Loom. Debates, bickering, more debates, lunatics knocking on the door for an argument, more debates, biased media reporting, more debates and eventually a guid nights TV.

Code 47: The SNP sign:

Still, at least Kezia will provide some amusement.

I suppose this is a stupid move, hanging a sign in the window, if anything it will give the loony tune Cultists of SLAB (stupid, not Scottish Labour) a reason to avoid chappin’ on our door. I really should get hold of some Labour signage to lure them into a false sense of security.

I can’t be arsed though. Labour in Scotland need to die, be re-born and come up with something guid. I remember being doorstepped by a drone hammering the whole “the biggest party forms the government” line, talk about being confused. I was. I had no idea the cult was so stupid.

I ended up painting the sign with a POSCA pen, and stuck it in the window- looks great.



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