Insert some desktopping shots here.

MY LAPTOP DIED. I had a quick investigation, and rather than the hard drive being buggered ( like last time) this time its fatal- the power connection. I might take it down to north east peripherals for a second opinion, since they were so guid to deal with last time. Maybe next week. Anyhow the hard drive is worth keeping so have been looking into getting an enclosure and using it as a back up drive- I’ve spotted a tasty enclosure on the Novatech website. Looks nice, and reading the reviews it’s suitable if I’m not swapping drives a lot.

I wandered into one of them 2nd hand shops on George street, and began examining little TV’s ā€“ at around fifty buck. On chatting to the sales assistant he pointed out that all the TV’s I was looking at lacked the essential VGA connection that the old HP desktop used- he then pointed to a monitor way up on the top shelf, 8 quid. Total bargain dude. It works fine. Scored a keyboard from work and we’re all off. DESKTOPPING.
It’s cool. The old PC is a bit slow. But by fuck it’s great for typing. CLACKETY CLACK. I think I’ll stick with this set up- look at these mini PC gadgets from Novatech also- possible next move…

Still exploring my new phone/tablet set up. 4k. Odd filters. Here’s some nonsense.

Blah de blah



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